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Hellou. (: My name's Ray and I'm 17 years old boy with mind of a child. Broken. Dead as fuck. The Voice Of Martyr. If you want, you can follow me on twitter - @RayTVOM


Bring Me The Horizon - Drown

Bring Me The Horizon - Drown

Bring Me The Horizon // Drown 

Bring Me The Horizon // Drown

Bring Me The Horizon // Drown

mcweirdo said: You okay?

yes i think. kind of.


I’m alive but I’m losing all my drive
Cause everything we’ve been through
And everything about you
Seemed to be a lie
A guiltless twisted lie

loving the careless

I do love you and I do miss you but I can’t forgive the lies and careless - That’s the hardest part.

The last 3 years of my life has been full of dreams and nightmares, chances and mistakes, love and pain, disgraces and praises, goodbye’s and hello’s, tears and smiles, oceans and rivers, mountains and holes, hell and heaven, things I didn’t even expect to happen in my life.. So and I met her in 16.02.14, actually we know each other for like 3 years from now but It was the first we really met in the life. We’ve been through so much and every single step reminds me of her.. I don’t even want to see the world without her by my side but now she’s gone and I miss her so much, even if she doesn’t care at all.. We created the world from two lonely souls - now it’s all gone.. Memories are haunting me on every single step and breathe I take. Becoming more and more depressed. With every breathe I take, It becomes more and more harder to inhale. Feel ready to scream : ” Come and paint the walls with my brains! ”. We broke up like one or two weeks ago, she left me for an untitled reason and then I found out her secrects with other boys.. I’ve written tens of melodies and songs for this girl that just lied to me for fucking months. We used to be so close, we were the best friends and a lovely couple, we were also engaged (I was 15 years old, now I’m 17).. She meant everything to me and still does but I don’t know if i’ll ever trust this love again.. I don’t even know if I will be alive tomorrow, my mind is my worst enemy right now and then there’s she that also cloud up mind and repeat all the words from ”You mean everything to me” to ”Drop dead”..

Oh, god, I will never stop loving her - she’s the love of my life, the apple of my eye, she’s the moon and the sun for me. I could spent the night just watching her sleeping, I would be her guard, I would always protect her, I would stay with her till the end of the world, I would bring the world to her feet, she was everything I needed and I love her with all my heart and soul.. No one will ever love her as much as I do.